Mission: Creating Value through Transformation

Australis Capital is solely focused on creating shareholder value and building transformative businesses through early-stage, opportunistic, and diversified investments in the cannabis value chain in the United States and abroad.

Aurora Lineage

North America’s emerging cannabis industry represents an unrivaled investment opportunity. In addition to the production and sale of cannabis products, this multibillion-dollar market presents a wide variety of complementary businesses in logistics, technology, product development, branding, research and development, and regulatory compliance.

Australis Capital’s view is broad and its focus is narrow, as opportunities of this magnitude are rare. Capitalizing on these opportunities requires keen entrepreneurial instincts, C-suite experience, and precise execution. Australis leverages its expansive network of thought leaders and deep expertise in regulatory markets while honoring the heritage and achievements of the founding cannabis community.

The company is aligned with one of the world’s largest and most successful cannabis companies, Aurora Cannabis, which is distinguished by its reputation as a partner and employer-of-choice in the global cannabis industry. It is this lineage of commitment to excellence and collaboration that Australis embraces.

About Australis

Australis Capital identifies and invests in cannabis businesses in the United States and abroad, operating in a highly regulated, fragmented, and evolving industry. Investments may include equity, debt or other securities of both public and private companies, financings in exchange for royalties or other distribution streams, and control share acquisitions. Investments will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to determine the appropriateness of their weighting within the overall portfolio to provide optimal returns and grow shareholder value.

Australis adheres to stringent investment criteria and will focus on significant near- and mid-term high-quality opportunities with a steadfast commitment to governance and community. Members of the Board and management team have deep experience in highly regulated industries and knowledge of the U.S. cannabis industry. Together, they bring years of experience in regulatory compliance, public company governance, and operations.