Our Vision

Expertise, Alignment and Execution

The ever-expanding, multibillion-dollar cannabis industry encompasses much more than growing and dispersing cannabis. Significant opportunities exist in logistics, technology, product development, branding, research and development, and regulatory compliance. Together, these opportunities create a value chain opportunity not seen in decades.

Australis Capital synthesizes decades of relevant expertise, strategic alignment, and capital investment execution to build shareholder value in the cannabis value chain, both in the United States and abroad. With unique market experience, access to capital, operational expertise, and sophisticated deal structure know-how—combined with a significant emphasis on regulatory compliance and strict adherence to local and state laws—Australis Capital is positioned for nimble execution in a rapidly evolving market.


Opportunity in Complexity

The U.S. cannabis industry is in its infancy and operating in a tightly-regulated environment. Not only is it challenged by a scarcity of traditional banking, venture funds, and public and private equity capital, but there is an absence of traditional management expertise, leadership bench strength, and public company experience.

This highly regulated industry with its rapidly evolving verticals and supercharged competition provides unlimited opportunities for companies with a proven playbook. Australis Capital —with its unique combination of resources and market experience—is poised to develop nascent businesses in a wide variety of verticals through partner deal flow, strategic rollups, acquisitions, new product and service categories, and best-in-class execution.


Emergence from a Global Leader

As Australis Capital invests in, develops, and grows new businesses, it is fortified by its alignment with one of the industry’s top names, Aurora Cannabis, a publicly-traded leader in Canada’s cannabis market. Aurora’s proven business model and decision-making processes underpin Australis’ ability to deliver rapid, sustainable growth.

Australis Capital is committed to identifying and investing in businesses within the burgeoning and highly complex multibillion-dollar United States cannabis industry. The support of a global industry leader—coupled with Australis’ expansive network of thought leaders, C-suite expertise, and access to capital—will capitalize on real opportunities and accelerate shareholder value.